We’ve compiled a list of questions that families commonly ask when thinking about funeral prearrangement.

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A Family1 prearrangement allows you to make funeral arrangements before they are needed and typically cover the cost of the predetermined expenses of a funeral, cremation or burial. Without a preneed funeral plan, your family is left to make all the decisions and responsible for the expenses associated with your funeral during a time of grief and loss. By planning ahead, you relieve your family of that burden and take advantage of many benefits.

It’s understandable that some families put a topic like funerals on the back burner, but there are drawbacks to waiting. One of the most noticeable benefits is that the price of the goods and services you select are frozen at today’s prices. If you wait to prearrange or don’t prearrange at all, prices will be substantially higher than they are right now. Having the ability to make small, manageable payments over time also takes the strain off your budget.

Prearrangement is popular with families that want to be prepared for the future. Family1 allows you to take control of the process, make practical decisions and enjoy peace of mind.

Planning your funeral can involve a lot of decisions, after all, it’s not the type of event we are typically familiar with.

Your Family1 agent can guide you through the process of choosing between burial, cremation, casket options, the type of memorial services, floral arrangements, transportation…etc. Your choices are then carefully documented to ensure that your wishes will be followed when the time comes.

Most families feel a great sense of relief and peace of mind when they know everything has been taken care of.

We have products and payment plans suitable for everyone. You can pay for the entire policy at once (Single Pay Option), or can make arrangements to distribute your payments over a number of years to keep the payments small and manageable (Multi-Pay Option). Our agents will work with you to find the right plan and payment option to fit your financial needs.

To safeguard your investment and have it available at the time of need, your funds are invested in an insurance policy. Because your prearrangement is a policy, strict government guidelines and regulations must be followed to ensure that payment will be provided when a claim is filed.

While your funeral arrangements will be carried out by your local funeral home, your payment funds and Family1 insurance policy will be managed by Texas Service Life, a licensed financial institution.
Because your money is held by an insurance company, it will always be there for your funeral, even if the local funeral home were to be purchased or go out of business.

You can feel safe knowing that your investment will be safeguarded by a company with strong financial stability and is consistently recognized for its financial strength. You can rest assured that your funds will be safe and secure.

Depending on the type of policy you have and how long it has been in effect, you may have the option to pay down your balance. If this option is available to you, there may or may not be savings associated with exercising the early pay-off option. Please be sure to ask your agent if the plan you are considering has an early payment option.

Things can change over time, it’s perfectly fine to make changes to your prearrangement. Changing your pre-arranged funeral will affect the payment arrangements of your insurance policy, but otherwise it’s easy to alter. Our Customer Service Department can be reached at 1.800.756.7306 and will be glad to discuss the options available to you.

Texas Service Life offers an optional Out-Of-State Rider that can provide additional benefits to offset the added costs of an out-of-state funeral. While the funeral price won’t be guaranteed, if you have the funeral out-of-state, you can still maintain your life insurance policy and the benefits it provides.

Upon making your Family1 policy arrangements with Texas Service Life, you will be provided with a policy ID-Card containing important information about your plan. You should make sure that your family or close friends are made aware of the location of this information. Instruct your family to contact the funeral home that helped organize your funeral arrangements and they will help you. If your family does not have the name or number of the funeral home, they can contact our Claims Department at 1.800.756.7306 or email claims@tslic.com and we will put them in touch with the right person and begin the process of filing a claim on your policy.