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    Talking about funeral plans leaves most people feeling a little uneasy. It’s understandable.

    The conversation just never feels right. However, it is a much easier conversation to have before it becomes necessary. Each year thousands of people decide to pre-plan and pre-pay their funeral.

    What is a Prearrangement?

    A Family1® prearrangement allows you to make funeral arrangements before they are needed and typically covers the cost of the predetermined expenses of a funeral, cremation or burial. By planning ahead, you can lessen the emotional and financial toll on your family during their time of grief and loss.

    Why should I prearrange everything now rather than wait?

    One of the most noticeable advantages of preplanning is that the price of many of the goods and services you select are frozen at today’s prices. If you wait to prearrange or don’t prearrange at all, prices may be substantially higher than they are right now. Funding the funeral plan with insurance allows you to make small, regular payments over time which can make the cost more manageable.

    What kind of decisions will I make for my prearrangement?

    When making prearrangements, you can plan for the type of service to be held, other details such as burial options, casket and vault selection, floral arrangements, memorial or funeral service, etc. Your preferences are carefully documented to help ensure that your wishes will be followed when the time comes. Most families feel a great sense of relief and peace of mind when they know everything has been taken care of.

    How do I pay for a prearrangement? What payment options are available to me?

    Family1® branded products are designed to help fund a funeral plan to meet your needs. You can pay for the entire insurance policy all at once (single pay option) or over several years to help keep the payments small and manageable (multi pay option). Our representatives will work with you to find the right payment option and coverage to fit your financial needs.

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